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The Team Who Brought You This Guide

Main authors:

Grigori Melnik, Gerard Meszaros


Jon Bach, Hakan Erdogmus, Michael Puleio, Rohit Sharma

Advisory Board Members:

Mak Agashe, Mohammad Al-Sabt, Lois-Philippe Carignan, Sreekumar Chandra, Bart Hsu, Chris Shaffer, Eng Chong Lim, Donna McLeod, Karl Metivier, Tracy Monteith, Noel Nyman, Ken Perilman, Bob Snead, Keith Stobie, James Whittaker


Jennitta Andrea, Mark Austin, Dan Barnes, Kent Beck, Larry Brader, Hans Buwalda, Janet Gregory, Sam Guckenheimer, Miha Kralj, James Lyndsay, Daniel Piessens, Max Poliashenko, Tom Poppendieck, BJ Rollison, Don Smith, Bas Vodde, Thomas Woisetchläger

Special Thanks to:

  • James Bach for constant reminder to test our testing guidance
  • Jeff Patton for the Product Context chart (Volume I, Ch.4)
  • Bob Brumfield for the Multiplexing sidebar suggestion (Volume I, Ch.17) and many insightful conversations
  • patterns & practices leads for supporting this endeavor


Richard Burte, RoAnn Corbisier, Dennis DeWitt, Tina Burden McGrayne, Veronica Ruiz


Attendees at STARWEST, patterns & practices summits and TechEd conferences who provided informal feedback on this.

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