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Draft Glossary

These terms and definitions are a working draft. Please comment on them by adding Comments to the bottom of this page.

Acceptance Testing: Planned evaluation by a customer (and / or customer proxy) to determine whether a system satisfies their expectations.

Acceptance Criteria: Articulated or explicit customer expectation(s).

Requirement: a capability that must be met or possessed by the software in order to satisfy the customer's or user's expectations

Functional Test: A procedure to verify a required software capability or feature

Para-Functional Test: A procedure to verify an aspect of software beyond capability or features (such as reliability, usability, scalability, security, performance, installability, compatibility, portability, etc.)

Acceptance test: A procedure to verify that an acceptance criteria is met.

Customer: The person or ?company? representative who will acquire ownership of the software system.

Customer Proxy: A designated representative of the customer, who can fill the role of the customer as needed.

User: The person who will interact with the completed and/or deployed software system.

Heuristic: an informal method to discover more information about a problem; a rule-of-thumb

Readiness Testing: Planned evaluation by the delivery team to prepare for acceptance testing.

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